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2 Ways to Change Google Account Profile Photo

How to Change Google Account Profile Photo

How to Change Google Account Profile Photo
– To change the profile photo of a Google account with your own photo or the desired image, this can be done via the browser or settings directly on your Android.

How to change your Google profile photo via Android can be done directly by following the tutorial below:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll Down and Select Google
  3. Please Select the Google Account You Want to Change the Profile Photo
  4. then select manage your google account
  5. Next tap on personal info
  6. then in the basic info section, click on the photo logo
  7. Select Set as profile photo
  8. search for the photo you want to use as your google profile picture
  9. click ok
  10. wait for the change process to finish

the method above is how to change your gmail or google profile photo directly through your android settings.

here’s the second way via the browser can be done by following the trick below:

  1. access this link
  2. please login with your google account
  3. then click on the photo
  4. and select upload photo
  5. search for your photo or picture
  6. set or adjust the size of the image
  7. then select set as profile photo
  8. done

The second method above can be done in any browser, I recommend Google Chrome to make it more secure and comfortable.

You can watch the video version of the tutorial via the video below:

that’s a short tutorial on 2 ways to change your gmail or google account profile photo. I hope this short tutorial can be useful for friends who need it.