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10 Complete Starsilver Genshin Impact Locations!

Genshin Impact requires a lot of farming to get the best out of each character and weapon. This article will discuss the location of starsilver Genshin Impact.

The Festering Fang world quest in Dragonspine rewards the game with the Dragonspire Spear. It takes 50 Starsilver to make it. Dragonspine’s other exclusive weapons namely Frostbearer and Snow Tombed can also only be made with starsilver.

Location 1: Snow-covered path

These are the most common starsilver locations. Players can find a lot of starsilver here. They lay eggs every 48 hours.

Location 2: South of Snow-covered path

To the south of the snow-covered trail, there are starsilver deposits that produce large amounts of ore in a short period of time.

Locations 3 & 4: North of Wyrmrest Valley

10 Complete Starsilver Genshin Impact Locations!

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To the north of the Wyrmrest Valley mountains, two starsilver deposits can be found. There are at least more than 12 starssilver in each place. The location of these two is the largest source of starsilver in Genshin Impact.

Location 5: West Wyrmresy Valley

In addition to the north, west of Wyrmrest Valley there are also starsilver deposits up to 10. The exact location is near the river.

Location 6: Near the North waypoint of Entombed City Outskirts

Here are about 8 to 10 starssilver

Location 7: east of Entombed City Ancient palace

This place is located near the river bank of the Entombed city palace, down the mountain hill. The easiest way to get to this location is to teleport to the statue of seven. Then, slide down.

Location 8 : South of Waypoint Entombed City Outskirts

Players must follow the marker shown above after teleporting to the nearest waypoint. You can reach the location on foot from the waypoint.

Location 9 : South of Starglow cavern

To get to this location, players must teleport to the Starglow Cavern waypoint and head down to the beach.

Location 10: Southeast of Dragonspine

To get here, players need to teleport to the starglow cavern waypoint and slide down the hills.

Starsilver will reappear every 48 hours. Farming in one day can produce more than 60 ore from 10 locations. To be faster, players can cooperate and mine starsilver without having to wait for the cooldown respawn time.

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