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Zuxxy's Funny Comments About BTR Group Distribution at PMPL ID Season 2!

After winning PMWL East 2022, now BTR Zuxxy and his friends can’t rest easy because they have to practice to prepare their team for the PMPL ID Season 2.

Yep, it’s true that a busy schedule has been waiting for BTR RA in August 2022, even though they just fought it out in PMWL East 2022 yesterday.

Yesterday’s PMWL East must have been very draining on the energy and thoughts of the BTR RA players considering that they competed there for more than a month.

Meanwhile, in PMPL ID Season 2, they also have to look great again throughout the tournament to be able to qualify for SEA and to the World again.

For the schedule itself, PUBG Mobile has officially announced the schedule PMPL ID Season 2 via social media (Instagram) his some time ago and group sharing they have also announced.

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But uniquely in the group announcement announced by the PMPL ID Season 2 committee, one of the Bigetron Red Aliens players, namely Zuxxy, commented and slightly objected to the given group.

Although jokingly Zuxxy hoped that Bigetron would only be in group A because they had business on Sunday (group C).

“RA will change group A so that it’s a week off. I want sunmori because ” said BTR Zuxxy briefly.

This comment was immediately responded by hilarious Indonesian netizens and they also agreed with Zuxxy’s comment.

In group C PMPL ID Season 2 itself, Zuxxy and BTR will compete with great PUBG Mobile teams in Indonesia such as Alter Ego, RRQ Ryu and so on.

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