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Wolfy Calls PMPL ID Season 2's New Team Can Beat the Featured Team!

Wolfy Calls PMPL ID Season 2’s New Team Can Beat the Featured Team! PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia Season 2 will start today, on August 14 to September 27, 2022.

This PUBG Mobile Indonesia highest caste tournament can spinners enjoy on Facebook PUBG Mobile Indonesia Facebook Gaming, because there will be a PMPL ID Season 2 live streaming.

One of the PUBG Mobile casters who are familiar to our ears, namely Wolfy, sees an opportunity for new teams competing in PMPL ID Season 2 to beat the top teams.

“Aggressive teams such as BTR RA, Morph and Aura in my opinion will play bars in Week 1. For new teams like Voin 2K, 21 Esports or 69 Esports, maybe we can only see the gameplay colors in Week 2 or 3.

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Wolfy PMPL ID Season 2
Photo via: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

But online factors also affect so that new teams also have the chance to break through,” said Wolfy as quoted from PUBG Mobile Esports ID.

Indeed, the new teams have their own advantages, because the big teams have little or no information about their gameplay, so this becomes a big weapon for the new PMPL ID Season 2 teams.

If spinners don’t know the PMPL ID Season 2 group division, then spinners can click right away here to get information about the PMPL ID Season 2 group division.

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