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What are Playstation Plus Free Games August 2022?

playstation plus free games june 2021

Every month Playstation Plus subscribers will be treated to free games. This August, Playstation Plus subscribers will get 3 free games that are quite fun to play with friends. Those games are Virtua Fighter 5, Operation Tango, and Also Star Wars: Squadrons. For those of you who haven’t subscribed to PS Plus, you can subscribe for a fee of IDR 559,000 per year for the Asian region.

Operation Tango – PS 5

The first game is Operation Tango, you are required to use a microphone to coordinate with your friends. Each of you will act as a hacker as well as an agent to solve problems. Communication from you will determine whether this mission is successful or not.

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown – PS 4

For the 90s generation, they must be quite familiar with Akira Yuki and his friends. You can download this fighting game that features quite a lot of characters until August 2, so are you ready to fight against Kage Maru and other characters?

Star Wars: Squadrons – PS 4

You can download this relatively new game until August 5, 2022. In this game you will act as a pilot who has to shoot down your opponents, besides that you have to maneuver, fend off attacks and also use all the functions of the plane you are piloting. So are you the Galactic Empire team or the New Republic? Whatever it is August The Force Be With You.