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Tips for Choosing a Quality Gaming Laptop

For gamers, you must be familiar with gaming laptops. Gaming laptops are indeed the best choice for gamers who need high mobility. Usually gaming laptops have pretty good specs, so they can be used to support productivity as well. Here, the IDGW team will give tips on choosing a good gaming laptop.

1. Processor

There are 2 types of processors commonly used by gaming laptops, namely Intel and AMD. If you have more budget, you can use an Intel processor, but if you are looking for a more economical version, you can choose AMD. Intel has the advantage that the temperature is lower than AMD, but AMD’s development itself is currently very fast, so there is no need to be afraid to buy a laptop with an AMD processor. For the type, it is recommended to choose at least the i5 and i7 types for Intel and AMD Ryzen 5, if you have a budget the sultan can choose a processor with i9 power.

2. GPU

GPU is one of the important components for gaming laptops, it is recommended to choose a laptop with a minimum GPU GTX 1060 or 1660, but if you have a higher budget you can choose an RTX series like 2060 for the entry level, if you have more money you can choose a laptop with the RTX 2080 type Ti. AMD Radeon also has its own line of GPUs, for the Radeon series it is recommended to choose R9 or RX series.

3. RAM

Ram itself stands for Random Access Memory, make sure you have RAM above 4GB to play games smoothly. For 2022, it is recommended to use DDR 4 ram. And also make sure your gaming laptop has an additional slot for upgrading RAM.

4. Monitor

The monitor has a crucial role, if your laptop does not have a capable screen, your gaming activities will not be comfortable.

5. Storage Media

In 2022, it is certain that you must have a laptop with an SSD, although the HDD itself can be an option because the price is cheaper. But SSD can be your choice if you need boot speed and can also be used to support your productivity.

6. Keyboard

Make sure the keyboard on your laptop is comfortable to use, it is recommended to look for a laptop that has a backlight keyboard, usually the latest gaming laptops are equipped with a backlight.

7. Price

Humans can expect but the budget also determines. Don’t force yourself to buy a gaming laptop if your budget is not enough, maybe gamers with a limited budget can try to build a PC first like the tips here. Don’t sell your organs just to buy a gaming laptop that you like :).

Below is a selection of laptops that you can choose if you want to buy a gaming laptop.

ASUS: ROG series, Tuff Gaming

ACER: Predator Series

Lenovo: Legion series

Gigabyte: Aorus Series

DELL: Alienware

Razer: Razer blade

HP: Omen’s cellphone