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This RRQ Sena Player Has a Great Chance to Enter RRQ Hoshi's MPL!

This RRQ Sena Player Has a Great Chance to Enter RRQ MPL! Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) Indonesia Season 2 has started on August 10, 2022.

The match on the first day was closed with an el clasico, namely RRQ Sena against EVOS Esports and RRQ Sena won with a score of 2-1.

On Wednesday (11 August 2022), RRQ Sena is back to compete again. This time, RRQ Sena competed against the team that won MDL ID Season 1, namely Victim Esports. RRQ Sena managed to dominate the game and Victim Esports had to go down with a score of 2-0.

From the 2 matches, it was seen that RRQ Sena’s game was very good and there was 1 player who managed to perform brilliantly, namely Alberttt who became the HyperCarry of RRQ Sena.

Standing MDL ID Season 2 Week 1 and 2
Photo via: MDL Indonesia

Alberttt who played brilliantly during these 2 matches had a great chance of being promoted to RRQ Hoshi and competing in MPL ID Season 6. There were 2 reasons why RRQ Hoshi could take Alberttt to MPL ID Season 6.

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First, there are rumors that Xin will be taking a break for 1 season of MPL and if the rumors are true then RRQ Hoshi needs a HyperCarry back-up for Wizzking.

Then the second reason is if Wizzking doesn’t play according to RRQ Hoshi’s and RRQ Kingdom’s expectations, then Alberttt can be a good choice to fill the place as HyperCarry at RRQ Hoshi.

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RRQ Sena MDL Indonesia Season 2
Photo via: MDL Indonesia

So the chance for Alberttt to appear in RRQ Hoshi is very big if both reasons happen and also if Alberttt manages to keep his performance stable, then he will pave the way to appear in MPL.

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