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This is the toughest opponent in PMWL 2022 version of TSM Jonathan!

This is the toughest opponent in PMWL 2022 version of TSM Jonathan! As we previously knew that the highest international PUBG Mobile event is currently reaching its peak, the event is called PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2022 which will soon carry out their final round on August 6, 2022.

This event itself was attended by 20 participating teams, each of them fighting for the name of their country and their respective teams. One of the top performing teams in this event is TSM Entity with their main star, Jonathan.

TSM Entity itself has successfully ensured itself to qualify for the grand final round at Super Weekend Week 3 yesterday after performing quite well during the event. Not long after confirming himself to qualify for the final, Jonathan, one of the TSM players, was interviewed by the PMWL 2022 caster, Jason Kaplan.

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Jonathan TSM, TSM Jonathan PMWL

Jonathan said a lot of things in the interview session, but perhaps the most memorable thing for PUBG Mobile fans in Indonesia was when Jonathan mentioned who was the strongest team in the PMWL 2022 event!

As we guessed the name Bigetron RA was mentioned by Jonathan and another team also called him, namely RRQ, “The strongest teams in PMWL 2022 are BTR RA and RRQ Athena”. Jonathan said briefly.

This is indeed true considering these two teams plus Jonathan’s team are always competing for the top position. They really show a very interesting game to follow and watch further until the tournament is over.

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