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This is the Summary of Incoming Player Transfers from 8 MPL ID Season 6 teams!

This is the Summary of Incoming Player Transfers from 8 MPL ID Season 6 teams! In a few days, the highest Mobile Legends tournament in Indonesia, namely MPL, will start soon.

To be precise, the tournament will start on August 14, 2022 with the same 8 teams participating.

All teams playing in this event have made major changes to their squads in order to get good results in MPL Season 6 later.

Here we summarize a series of teams that have officially brought in their new players or coaches for the upcoming MPL ID Season 6! All this quoted from Instagram MPL Indonesia!

1. Evos eSports

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First is Evos Legends, which has just brought Pendragon to add depth to their offlaner positions.

2. Onic eSports

MPL Season 6, Onic eSports

After releasing Udil, Onic immediately brought in a number of players, namely: Sanz and Buts and one great coach from Vietnam, Somber, and raised their MDL coach to the first team, Mars.

3. Bigetron eSports

MPL Season 6, Bigetron Alpha

Bigetron also didn’t want to lose, they brought in 4 great figures namely Taka, Rippo, Renbo and Amoux, former coach of Geek Fam Malaysia.

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4. Geek Fam

MPL Season 6, Geek Fam Nafari

Geek Fam are still very confident in their main squad by not bringing in anyone but the figure of Nafari comes as Geek Fam’s coach.

5. Genflix Aerowolf

Groot from MDL, Billy and Rave from RRQ are new players to the Genflix Aerowolf main team for MPL ID Season 6.

6. Aura eSports

MPL Season 6, Aura eSports MPL Season 6

Three new players and a great coach will help Aura realize their dream of winning the MPL ID Season 6.

7. Alter Ego

MPL Season 6, Alter Ego Udil Pai

For Alter Ego, they have just brought in the most phenomenal player in the Mobile Legends scene, namely Udil Surbakti and raised their MDL players to the main team, namely PAI.

8. RRQ Hoshi

MPL Season 6, RRQ Liam

Finally, the MPL ID Season 5 champion didn’t change much, they just raised the Liam to the RRQ main team and will play in MPL ID Season 6.

That’s a summary of the transfer of new players from all teams playing in MPL Indonesia season 6, how do you think spinners?

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