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This is the reason Evos Legends hasn't been able to find its best performance according to Bajan!

This is the reason Evos Legends hasn’t been able to find its best performance according to Bajan! As we know earlier that one of the best Mobile Legends teams in Indonesia for now, namely Evos Legends, has recently appeared less than satisfactory and different from before. We can see this in one official Mobile Legends tournament and another non-official Mobile Legends tournament, namely MPL Invitational and Mytel Championship 2022

In these two different tournaments, Evos Legends did get different results as well, in the MPL Invitational they failed to qualify for the final after losing to a previously underdog team, namely Burmese Ghouls. Then at the 2022 Mytel Championship, they were only able to become the runner-up after being slaughtered by Onic eSports Indonesia in the final round.

Regarding this, Mobile Legends fans, especially Evos fans, questioned why a team like Evos’ class played like this, as they usually don’t always play aggressively and consistently in every match.

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Regarding this, we immediately found out what the reason was to one of the Evos Legends players, Bajan. When SPIN Esports asked via Instagram, “For MPL ID Season 6, will there be any special preparations from Evos Legends considering that recently it has been less than satisfactory and it looks like it’s still trying new strategies? Bajan answered in a concise and clear manner, namely, “Still determining the chemistry, mas (SPIN)”.

From Bajan’s answer we can see that chemistry is still the main problem for Evos Legends which so far has not found it. They also have to immediately fix this and find the chemistry no matter what, because chemistry itself is the most important thing when playing/together with a team.

All players/people involved must understand each other in order to perform optimally in a match. What do you think spinners, what should Evos Legends do to unite their chemistry?

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