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This is the price and appearance of the latest Moskov New Skin 2022!

Moskov will soon get a new skin called Blood Spear, where this skin itself will be released in the near future.

Moskov himself is one of the marksman heroes who are currently less reliable by players because of his abilities that are not suitable at this time.

Moksov’s abilities are just so-so and are considered very unsuitable for this meta game Mobile Legends season 17.

The current meta season relies heavily on strong heroes in the early, mid, and late games, while Moskov is only strong in the mid/late games.

So that his selection is not very appropriate for some players and prioritizes other strong heroes.

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Moscow's New Skin

Regarding that, maybe Moonton is aware that Moskov is rarely glimpsed by players, so to overcome this, Moonton will bring in a new skin for Moskov.

This new skin is called Blood Spear which has a scary look like a monster armed with a spear.

Then the price itself is rumored to reach 899 diamonds and will be officially released in September 2022.

How do you think spinners, are you interested in buying this skin, especially from Moskov users?

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