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This is the Prediction of MDL Season 2 Players Who Will Play in MPL!

This is the Prediction of MDL Season 2 Players Who Will Play in MPL! As we know earlier that Mobile Legends has two professional leagues and their highest in Indonesia, namely MDL and MPL. But especially for MPL which is much higher class than MDL. But even so, all Mobile Legends players in Indonesia have the opportunity to play in MPL as the highest league of Mobile Legends in Indonesia.

This also applies to players in MDL who all have a great opportunity to play in MPL if their team lifts them into the main team. Then MPL Indonesia and MDL Indonesia itself will both start shortly, precisely on August 10 for MDL and August 14 for MPL in 2022.

Regarding this, the teams will show their true performance in the tournament and will fight to the death to qualify for the playoffs and become champions. But this will run smoothly if only they are assisted by great players in every lane and it is not impossible to lift their MDL players to the first team.

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MDL ID Season 2, MDL Indonesia Season 1

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Here are some MDL players who have great potential to be appointed by their respective teams to their MPL (main team) roster in this season 6!

  1. Clover

The first name we predict will play in MPL from MDL is Clover, this is based on Clover’s own ability to play in many positions and plus the Evos Legends main team is currently experiencing inconsistent performance. If Clover is transferred to the Evos main team in MPL, it is hoped that with his experience he can bring Evos to show his fangs in MPL.

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  1. Xoxo

The second player we predict is Xoxo, this player has never been heard of before because he just joined a professional team this year, precisely with the RRQ Sena team. But even so, there is no doubt about his ability, as evidenced in yesterday’s Mytel event which incidentally against classy players from several countries in Asia he was able to keep up with it even though he had to lose to Evos Legends.

Those are some of the players that we predict will be appointed by their respective teams and play in MPL Indonesia in season 6. What do you think, spinners? Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!