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This is the next King of Marksman in Tibold and Luminaire versions of Mobile Legends!

This is the next King of Marksman in Tibold and Luminaire versions of Mobile Legends! As we know earlier that the most respected player in the Indonesian Mobile Legends pro scene due to his great abilities and high dedication to being in the Mobile Legends industry, Tuturu has officially decided to take a break from the harsh world of the Indonesian Mobile Legends pro scene.

But whether the break that Tuturu meant was retiring or just stopping for a moment as a pro player in Mobile Legends in Indonesia. But even so, with Tuturu’s inactivity as a pro player in Mobile Legends Indonesia, who is the next player who will receive his title as “King of Marksman” are there other players who have the right or will the title still be held by Tuturu?

We have discussed this through our own Instagram, namely SPIN Esports and when this article was written the likes had reached 11k while the comments had reached more than 1k. Mobile Legends fans in Indonesia can make their own choices regarding the title “King of Marksman” whether it remains pinned to Tuturu or other players.

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King Marksman, RRQ Tuturu

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The result can be said half-heartedly, there are those who still answer Tuturu and there are also those who answer that other players such as Branz, Rekt and others match the title. However, there is one unique thing contained in the comments, namely the opinion of Tibold as the former coach of Onic eSports and also the opinion of Luminaire as an Evos player whose status is inactive at this time.

The two important figures in the Mobile Legends industry also gave their opinions, Tibold said that Angsa was the one who was suitable to be the next “King of Marksman” while Luminaire said he was worthy of being “King of Marksman”.

So how do the spinners agree with one of them or have their own opinion? Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!