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This is the Deadliest Hayabusa Mobile Legends User in Indonesia!

This is the Deadliest Hayabusa Mobile Legends User in Indonesia! One of the best assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, Hayabusa, is now popular again for Mobile Legends players today thanks to the meta hypercarry that has developed among players. The damage from this hero is quite painful, plus his very high agility makes him difficult to pick off and therefore he becomes a reliable player for today’s players.

But that does not mean to play this hero is an easy thing, it takes the right timing, finger speed when using skills and also knowing which one to kill first is the reason why this hero is very difficult to use. Moreover, Hayabusa himself is known as a one-on-one specialist assassin hero, making him unreliable during team fights.

But even so, there are people who are very good at playing this hero and here we give some pro players or former pro players in Mobile Legends who are very reliable in playing this Hayabusa hero.

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  1. antiimage

This player has long been known as the best Hayabusa user in Indonesia, especially during MPL Season 3 when Hayabusa was really feared by every opponent he faced. However, in the current season, Hayabusa Antimage is still respected by opponents even though it is not as terrible as it used to be because at this time he is more used to playing offlaner heroes.

  1. Oura

The second player is Oura who is the best at playing the Hayabusa hero. This is also not surprising considering that he is indeed known by lovers of the Mobile Legends game in Indonesia as the “Father of Assassin” in Mobile Legends in Indonesia. Surely the Hayabusa hero who belongs to the Assassin hero can be played very easily even though he currently chooses to retire as a pro player in Mobile Legends.

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User Hayabusa Mobile Legends, RRQ Xin

  1. Xin

The third name certainly doesn’t surprise you anymore, until now Hayabusa Xin is very scary, even in the pro scene, the opposing teams who will face him sometimes always respect the Hayabusa Xin hero.

Those are some of the deadliest Hayabusa Mobile Legends users in Indonesia so far! Are there names of your favorite players that we mentioned above or do you have your own opinion? Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!