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This is the Champion of the Melon Minor Tournament Season 2 Lokapala!

This is the Champion of the Melon Minor Tournament Season 2 Lokapala! The second tournament to develop Lokapala’s esports ecosystem, Melon Minor Tournament Season 2, has finally officially found its champion. SAUDARA ESPORTS won the Melon Minor Tournament Season 2 after defeating ZERO ESPORTS.

The following is a list of the 1st to 4th place winners of the Melon Minor Tournament Season 2:

  • 2nd Place: ZERO ESPORTS
  • 3rd Place: ARCHANGEL
  • 4th Place: PK X ERROR

The Melon Minor Tournament Season 2 was broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook LOKAPALA MOBA and was enlivened by very professional casters in their fields such as VISCALOID, ATOY and ROWLEA.

Melon Minor Tournament Season 2

Before the Melon Minor Tournament 2 was held yesterday, it was also revealed that the new Lokapala hero was immediately used by players during matches. The hero especially if not Rajapatni.

Rajapatni is a Marksman knight who has deadly skills. Therefore, this ksatriya is often used by several players in tournaments.

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Rajapatni Lokapala
Photo via: Lokapala

The skills possessed by Ksatriya Rajapatni include:

  1. NISKALA PURASABHAevery time using this skill Rajapatni will get an additional speed of 205 (maximum 50%) for 3 seconds.
  2. PANCA VISTAKAif this Rajapatni Knight shoots and marks the opponent, then the marked opponent will receive 5 special shots and each shot will impact 200/230/260/290/320/350 (+40% of AD) physical damage to the target.
  3. AOS DYAH, Ksatriya Rajapatni when jumping this skill can not be stopped by the opponent using stun and other skill effects. If hit by a stun, then Ksatriya Rajapatni will immediately fall. In addition, Ksatriya Rajapatni zero will defeat the opponent by using this skill, so the cooldown of this skill will be 80%.
  4. LANA ATMA, when Ksatriya Rajapatni gets an attack damage buff and there are friends around him, then Ksatriya Rajapatni will get an additional Buff attack damage and resist status. The duration of the Buff itself also lasts for 5-7 seconds.

Lokapala has also announced that it will re-organize the Melon Minor Tournament which will enter season 3, so don’t miss the information, spinners! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!