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This is Bro Pasta's Prediction Regarding PMPL ID Season 2!

Bro Pasta gave his prediction regarding the result of the match in PMPL ID Season 2 Week 1 through PUBG Mobile Indonesia which was shared through their social media (Instagram).

Previously Week 1 PMPL ID Season 2 will start today on August 14, 2022, where the tournament will be attended by 24 of the best PUBG Mobile participating teams in Indonesia.

Distribution the group itself has been officially announced some time ago and you could say in that group there are many big teams in one group.

Seeing the fierce competition in each group, one of the well-known PUBG Mobile casters in Indonesia, namely Riantoro Yogi, or commonly known as Bro Pasta, gave a few predictions.

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Pasta, PMPL Season 2

Pasta said, “BTR RA, Morph, RRQ Ryu and Bonafide, according to me, will dominate in week 1. Geek Fam also has the opportunity to bluff. However, considering the changing point system and online tournaments, everyone has a high chance of being “Dangerous”!.

Yep, it’s true that everyone has a great chance to be the best in week 1 because the gameplay of each participating team is still unknown.

But Pasta specifically mentions BTR RA, Morph, RRQ Ryu and Bonafide as the teams that have the most chance to dominate PMPL ID Season 2 Week 1.

Additional information, PMPL ID Season 2 will officially start:

Starting date : August 14 – September 27, 2022

Live streaming : FB PUBG Mobile Indonesia Facebook Gaming

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