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These are the Rows of Players Who Have Multiple Positions as Mobile Legends Trainers!

These are the Rows of Players Who Have Multiple Positions as Mobile Legends Trainers! As we know earlier that the Mobile Legends industry in Indonesia is currently experiencing very advanced development, this is evident from the active community, the many prestigious Mobile Legends tournaments and many others.

Regarding this, the Mobile Legends industry has professional players who enliven the Mobile Legends scene. Usually these players are referred to as pro players where they usually play Mobile Legends regularly to participate in a tournament and are contracted with a team.

Regarding this, do you know that many Mobile Legends pro players have multiple positions or have moved positions to become Mobile Legends trainers, this is based on bad luck while being a pro player or because of urgency. Here are some former Mobile Legends pro players who are now concurrently serving as special Mobile Legends trainers in Indonesia.

  1. Chester

The first person to have had two professions as a coach and player was Chester. Together with Alter Ego he has experienced being both a player and a coach. Then for his achievements during his career as a player and coach is still not satisfactory.

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Mobile Legends Trainer, RRQ James

  1. James

The second person is James whose name is certainly not surprising for some of you, especially RRQ fans in Indonesia. James had a career as a player in the Onic uniform and also RRQ. But his career as a player was not good enough until he finally chose to become a coach. Meanwhile, when he had a career as a coach, his career was actually quite good together with RRQ he had succeeded in becoming the champion of the MPL Invitational and also MPL ID Season 5 even though he had previously failed while coaching Team Gosu in the 2022 M1 World Championship.

Those are some people who hold concurrent positions from players to coaches in the Indonesian MLBB scene, how do you think spinners? Any other players we forgot to mention? Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!