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These are the Players Who Won MVP PMWL East 2022!

These are the Players Who Won MVP PMWL East 2022! The PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2022 event has officially ended some time ago.

Where at the event? Bigetron RA managed to come out as the champion defeating the other participating teams from various countries in Asia.

Just like eSports tournaments in general, after the tournament is over, statistics will come out from the players or the participating teams themselves.

Same with the event PMWL 2022 This is which some time ago officially announced the players who made it out as MVP (Best Player) PMWL East 2022.

PMWL East 2022 MVP

Uniquely, the player who won the MVP was not one of the BTR players as the champion, but a player from Box Gaming.

The player is “BreaK” which this one player has performed very well and consistently since the grand finale began.

Especially during the last match, where BreakK’s performance at that time was truly extraordinary. Then who is this BreakK?

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MVP PMWL 2020, Box Gaming Break

Who is BreakK?

BreaK itself is a PUBG Mobile pro player from Vietnam who at the PMWL event yesterday appeared with Box Gaming as a loan player.

Yep, it’s true that he’s only on loan at Box Gaming, the real team is Matrix United.

The player, who is currently 19 years old, has quite an impressive history in the PUBG Mobile pro scene, including the 1st place winner at the Razer SEA Invitational 2022 and PMPL – Spring Split 2022: Vietnam League, and many others.

Then for his own prize after successfully becoming the MVP of PMWL East 2022 Finals, he is entitled to a cash prize of $ 10 000 or the equivalent of 146 Million Rupiah.

For information, if BreaK didn’t perform well on the last day of PMWL East yesterday, it could be BTR Ryzen who has the right to get this MVP because their stats are almost the same.

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