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These are the characteristics of a Mobile Legends account being hacked by people!

These are the characteristics of a hacked Mobile Legends account! As we know earlier that Mobile Legends is one of the most popular types of moba games in Indonesia. We can see this from the number of active players who play this game every day plus an active community in Indonesia that makes this game very popular.

But regarding this, many Mobile Legends players have complained that their accounts were hacked by other players which caused them to not be able to log into their current accounts. This is of course very detrimental because the time they spend playing Mobile Legends games to collect cool heroes, cool items and others just disappears.

Here we provide the characteristics of a Mobile Legends account that has been hacked by people and how to overcome it!

  1. Oddities in Your Mobile Legends Account

The first thing that is easiest to see is the oddity in your own Mobile Legends account, in this case it concerns game history that suddenly appears even though you don’t feel like playing it. Then there are also your battle points/diamonds that suddenly run out even though you don’t feel like using them at all or other oddities that happen to your Mobile Legends account.

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  1. Can’t Login to Game

The second characteristic is the inability to enter your Mobile Legends game, this is caused by other people who are also logging in with your Mobile Legends account, so basically the Mobile Legends account cannot be played simultaneously with two different cellphones.

3. Author’s Personal Experience Version

Suddenly in our Mobile Legends account settings there is an option to delete logins on all devices, even though we ourselves have never logged in on other devices.

Furthermore, if you already know the characteristics of the hacked Mobile Legends account, you can immediately handle it by submitting a report to Moonton with OPEN Link Here, let everything be clear!

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