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There is a Free Skin, this is the PUBG Mobile Exclusive Redeem Code 2 August 2022

 There is a Free Skin, this is the PUBG Mobile Exclusive Redeem Code 2 August 2022

Entering August 2022, PUBG Mobile and SPIN Esports will again provide various free gifts through an exclusive redeem code which will contain skins.

Interestingly, you can get this redeem code for free without any special requirements.

However, each redeem code that will be given later is very limited both in terms of time and usage, so who will get it sooner.

There is a Free Trial Skin

Lethal Butterflies Set

The redeem code this time will give you the opportunity to try the rare skins in PUBG Mobile.

Later you can use the skin even though you basically don't have it

No need to linger, here are the exclusive redeem codes that were shared directly by PUBG Mobile

CEJAZBZ8QR (Lethal Butterflies Set 3D)

The redeem code is guaranteed to be active because SPIN Esports gets it exclusively from PUBG Mobile.

If later you fail to redeem the code above, then you can be sure that the code has reached the usage limit.

How to Redeem

Redeem PUBG

To use the redeem code, of course, you have to take several steps to be able to exchange the gift. So here are the steps

  • Enter the PUBG Mobile Official Rewards Redeem Site website
  • Enter the ID and copy and paste the redeem code you want to use in the blank chart.
  • Confirm the redeem code and wait for the message that will enter your in-game mail to collect the prize.

So what are you waiting for Spinners? Brush up and grab the prize ASAP!