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The Sensation of Being a Ninja in the Sandbox Game Arashi Castle of Sin

Arashi Castle of SIN

Kenshiro is the last surviving noble of the Arashi clan and an elite shinobi. All the nobles in Japan have been kidnapped by a ruthless bandit named Oni who hails from the Iga area. Kenshiro’s rage and a strong desire for revenge are embedded in his mind to reclaim the castle once and for all.

You will play the role of Kenshiro to defeat the Oni accompanied by your loyal wolf. You will decide for yourself what weapons you carry to face the enemy on the battlefield. Each of your decisions will be the difference in defeating the enemy.

You can defeat the enemy directly, settle down with stealth kill or use light and shadow to avoid battle. Each of your decisions must be mature.

Arashi Castle of Sin was also made for Playstation VR so that the experience is inside games will be made as real as possible. You will use many weapons in the feudal era with many choices of how to play.

Tom Doyle as Co-Founder and Creative Director of Endeavor One has tried it himself games this. He likes the spider-like playing style. Setting traps, luring his enemies and doing stealth kill. Tom Doyle emphasizes that the distance traveled on the battlefield and the style of play will differ depending on your decision to face your opponent.

Besides Haru, your loyal wolf, there is also Ayane who is Kenshiro’s cousin who will be an ally. Ayane earned the title of military spy from the Shogunate thanks to her ingenuity and skill. Ayane will be your guide on the mission to defeat the Oni. Meanwhile Haru will always be by your side to face cruel and brutal battles.

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Tom Doyle said that they (Endervour One) always make games different. They don’t just make games to be enjoyed but also to create a story like a fairy tale that will make each player feel a deep experience.

Wow, you can imagine how exciting Arashi Castle of Sin will be. Games This Castle of Sin will be released for summer season 2022 and coming to PS VR. Can’t wait to enjoy it games this?

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