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The Reason XCN BKB Doesn't Play in MDL ID Season 2 Week 1 Day 1!

The Reason XCN BKB Doesn’t Play in MDL ID Season 2 Week 1 Day 1! The second league of Mobile Legends in Indonesia, namely MDL, is currently underway where MDL itself has entered season 2.

But in the first match in the event MDL ID Season 2 which was supposed to take place at 14.00 WIB or at 2 in the afternoon was not implemented.

The reason for not holding the opening match between XCN BKB vs Alter Ego X is because one of the teams is not ready to compete (Forfeited) today.

To be precise, the team that was not ready to compete was XCN BKB and had to be willing to lose their first match against Alter Ego X on August 10, 2022.

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XCN BKB, MDL Season 2

Why XCN BKB Forfeited?

After being declared 2-0 down due to Forfeited side SPIN Esports immediately find out the reason why they could be Forfeited?

We immediately asked Erlangga Putra as General Manager of XCN BKB about the reason his team was declared Forfeited in the first match of MDL ID Season 2 Week 1 Day 1.

He replied, “The children will only get permission to fly tomorrow morning, making sure their parents are difficult, they are afraid of Covid-19”. said Erlangga Putra.

He also added that the players had to play in one place, therefore they had to play at GH XCN and it was difficult to get permission from their parents because they had to go to Jakarta.

“Their parents are afraid that in Jakarta the pandemic hasn’t ended yet plus the lockdown again so they can’t go back to their respective homes later”.

That’s the short answer from Erlangga Putra as General Manager of XCN BKB.

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