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The reason Onic brought Sanz from Victim according to Mars!

The reason Onic brought Sanz from Victim according to Mars!

Onic eSports some time ago just brought in a great talented player for their Mobile Legends main division.

The player we are referring to is Sanz, one of the Mobile Legends superstars whose age is still quite young.

Regarding that, do you know that there is a reason why Onic chose to bring Sanz at a price that is reportedly quite high.

We can know this directly from the current assistant coach of Onic eSports, Marsam Fakhre.

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ONIC Sanz, Sanz Onic

When the party SPIN Esports asked what the reason was that Onic chose to sign Sanz over other midlaners.

Mars replied, “The reason Onic chose Sanz? Yes, he has proven to be a great player when he was at MDL, then when we tried it he also fulfilled what we wanted as a core. Well and we also know that his hero pool is much bigger than other midlaners.” Short words Mars to the party SPIN Esports.

Signing Sanz from Victim is arguably the right decision from Onic because his quality has been proven.

We can see this from an international friendly tournament, namely the Mytel International Championship 2022 some time ago.

Where at that time Sanz managed to bring Onic to the champion with his very great game.

Furthermore, Sanz himself will carry a heavy burden along with his other teammates where he has to bring Onic to the upcoming MPL ID Season 6 champion.

Is Sanz capable especially of him being the center of Onic’s attack?

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