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The Reason Free Fire Max Has No Gameplay Changes!

The Reason Free Fire Max Has No Gameplay Changes!

Spinners must know by now that Garena is developing the latest FF game, Free Fire Max.

FF Max is currently going through the beta 3.0 stage and from the reactions of many players who have tried it, it seems that the new game has received a positive response.

Many players are happy with the quality improvements that FF Max has received, especially in terms of graphics, audio and the overall gaming experience.

Augustbe this increase will make the Free Fire haters stop isolating the game and give them more respect!

Even so, there is one thing that many FF players question, why is Free Fire Max not receiving any changes in terms of gameplay! Let’s discuss further!

Criticism of Free Fire

Free Fire Max Gameplay

In addition to the FF graphics which many players consider outdated, FF’s gameplay is also one of the victims of criticism from mobile game players.

Many people think that FF’s gameplay feels too stiff when compared to other mobile battle royale games.

Criticisms such as characters can’t walk back, no doors, auto-aim, circling characters have been accepted by this game develop by the Garena.

The reason for the Free Fire Max gameplay is still the same

Free Fire Max Gameplay

Even so, this is what makes FF different from other battle royale games. With more unique gameplay mechanics, players must learn new tricks and skills that cannot be brought directly from other games.

And that’s the reason why FF Max didn’t introduce new gameplay mechanics to their game.

Free Fire Max has been created for players who want to enjoy playing Free Fire with higher graphics quality without losing the essence of this game, the gameplay.

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Because apart from improving graphics, audio and presentation, overall, Free Fire Max is almost exactly the same as Free Fire.

Therefore, Free Fire Max players will still be able to play with their friends who may still be using the original Free Fire game.

This is the reason why Free Fire Max is not accepting gameplay changes! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!