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The Origin of the Jess No Limit Giveaway Comment - Be Yourself and Never Surrender

The Origin of the Jess No Limit Giveaway Comments – Be Yourself and Never Surrender! Jess No Limit has millions of subscribers on her youtube channel which she got from her own hard work for a long time.

Since being known as a Mobile Legends youtuber until now known as a gaming youtuber, the name Jess No Limit must have been familiar to your ears.

Even before he decided to focus on being a streaming he had tasted the hard work of being a pro player in Mobile Legends in Indonesia.

But back to his current profession as a youtuber which was tarnished by gamers in Indonesia, where they called Jess No Limit subscriber he got from the frequent giveaways he did.

Yep, Jess No Limit is better known as a giveaway youtuber than a gaming youtuber for now.

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There is even one sentence that many people believe can get a giveaway from Jess No Limit, namely “Be Yourself and Never Surrender”.

So where did this sentence that is believed to be very hockey come from and can get this giveaway from Tobias Justin?

The Origin of the Sentence “Be Yourself and Never Surrender”

It all started with Jess No Limit himself, who once held an HP giveaway with the condition that he had to write a comment on one of the videos uploaded on YouTube.

Of course there was one person who managed to win the giveaway. After that, the giveaway winner was asked by netizens what did he write to win this giveaway?

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The winner replied that he wrote the comment, “Be Yourself and Never Surrender” and it made the netizens join in with keep writing or spamming Be Yourself and Never Surrender comments on every video uploaded on Jess No Limit’s youtube channel and hope she succeeds in getting the giveaway.

But it seems that Jess No Limit is finally getting restless with the spamming comments that are spreading everywhere and at this time he has appealed to netizens to stop spamming Be Yourself and Never Surrender comments again.

The reason is because he wants to be known as a gaming youtuber, not as a giveaway youtuber. What do you think, spinners?

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