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The Medium Horror Game With Unique Split Screen Gameplay

The Medium is a psychological horror game that is quite unique from other horror genre games. Released on August 28, this game has attracted the attention of game lovers with heavy storytelling and puzzle horror genres. Unfortunately for now this game is only released on PC and Xbox. This game has its own uniqueness from the gameplay, namely the split screen of the two worlds on the characters we play.

Setup and main characters.

This game tells of a medium or person who is able to relate to the spirit world. You will play a character named Marianne with the ability to communicate and enter the spirit world. You will help Marianne solve the puzzle and find her lost memory.

Unique gameplay of two worlds.

This game in some parts will divide your screen into two worlds where Marianne is, the real world and the spirit world. When we move Marianne, she will be in the same place only in a different environment. Some parts can only be passed by Marianne in the real world, and some parts can only be passed by Marianne in the spirit world.

In some other parts you will move completely into the spirit world, very similar to the Silent Hill game. In this spirit world you will find more enemies and threats. But don’t be sad, even in the real world you will not be able to calm down from threats.

Story telling and puzzles.

For those of you who are interested in games with good story telling, this game is not in the top position. The memories that you find from objects that Marianne can interact with are sometimes less clear about what is told in those memories. It can even confuse you players.

The puzzles offered in this game are quite interesting for you puzzle game lovers. At least with the element of moving two worlds, you need to interact with the puzzles of the two worlds to be able to move on to the next part of the game. Although not a very difficult puzzle, the puzzles offered are quite standard and maybe this game should be able to offer more.

For those of you who haven’t tried this game, this game can’t be called a masterpiece like Silent Hill. However, this game is enough to fill your spare time for horror game lovers, especially big Silent Hill fans. Split screen and how this game presents the memory of Marianne, shows the uniqueness and strangeness of this game. This can buy new experiences for players but can also disrupt your gaming experience. The Medium you can have on Steam for . IDR 490,000,-.