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The Long Awaited Cyberpunk 2077 FPS Open World Review

Augustbe you don’t know what Cyberpunk 2077 is. This game is an FPS game made by CD Projekt RED which also produced the famous The Witcher game. Cyberpunk 2077 game itself tells about a mercenary named V in a futuristic city called Night City. In this world, technology is very advanced, even many humans have become semi-robotic because almost everyone uses cyberware. The following is a review of Cyberpunk 2077 from the IDGameWare team.

New story tells of future life

For those of you who play games for story and lore in the game game Cyberpunk 2077 It has a unique and interesting story. Augustbe because this game is set in the future when the majority of humans are half robots. Our personal experience when completing this game, play story still leaves some mystery. However, the ending we got still shows the result of our choices.

Lots side gig that can be taken

This game itself has many side gig which we can do. Even though they don’t appear to be directly related to the last mission you worked on, these characters are likely to be connected to ending what you get. At one point, play story this will be stuck because we are required to wait to continue it. So that we will have time to try some side gig. We only tried a few side gig offered in the game. One of the unique references we found from the game Portal be a sweetener for games like this.

Visual which is breathtaking

For those of you who play games because of the visuals, this game has breathtaking visuals. However, this maximum visual can only be enjoyed for those of you who play this game on the latest model consoles such as PS5 or on PC. Because we tried this game from a PC, the visuals we got were probably above most of our friends who played this game on consoles, so we judge this Cyberpunk 2077 review to be visually good.

First-person gameplay as usual

In the FPS aspect, this game has features auto take cover if you are behind a wall, car, or other hiding place that is sometimes easy, sometimes annoying for those of you who are not used to it. For those of you who choose to be a samurai and play this game using a sword, the game feels good fluid during the fight. Or for those of you who like games stealth and sneak, this game also offers those options. Generally for deep combat first person view This, is pretty standard like any other game.

Role-playing according to our wishes

As previously mentioned, how we choose how to fight is up to each of us. The choice of weapons and how to complete the mission is the player’s choice. Plus, this game has skill tree, armor and weapon loadoutas well as cyberware which you can adapt to your style of play. The formation of characters at the beginning of the game is quite varied. The choices in the conversation are quite varied even though some choices do not affect the storyline that you get. For these things this game can already be called an RPG game.

Open-world map that is not inferior to GTA

Personally, this game seems to have a very large area. From urban areas, desert areas outside the city, to harbor areas such as reaching a wide area for all kinds of things gig. Although we didn’t explore much, with a large map that is capable of many things that can be done from small jobs to help the police, racing, or other jobs.

Some bugs can interfere with the game

In some parts of the story you can experience bugs or glitches that cause you to reload checkpoints. For now, this game developer continues to provide updates to improve the game. Even though it was hit by bugs several times we didn’t find any significant bugs while finishing the game. All problems caused by bugs can be solved by load checkpoint. This is quite annoying when a lot of us do when the game has not been

Quite a significant difference on some platforms

When this game came out, this game reaped a lot of negative responses because of its broken display and gameplay on platforms other than PC. The appearance on a PC compared to PS4 or XBOX is like heaven and earth. This is likely to happen because the console hardware capacity is not yet qualified. The last news we heard from PS5 gamers, games can run like on a PC. Seeing the annoyance of console gamers, we recommend those of you who use consoles to wait for the patch before buying this game.

The game that we have been waiting for for years, in our opinion, has met expectations. Once again this is based on our experience playing this game on PC. From features to visuals, this game is very interesting for you lovers of open world games based on FPS and RPG. Even though there are still bugs, this game is still getting updates and patches to fix it. Thus our Cyberpunk 2077 review, hopefully it can help you.