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The Great War, Will Release Intel VGA XE HPG DG2

As we know there are only two choices at this time if you want to buy a VGA Card that has heavy specifications, NVIDIA and AMD. This latest news comes from Intel, the last few years graphics cards from Intel are considered bad. Especially for playing games so people’s choice is usually NVIDIA or AMD.

As if not interested in the graphics card market. Intel is secretly preparing itself for a major war in the graphics card area. Intel reportedly will release a VGA Monster called XE HPG DG2 and is predicted to beat the other two manufacturers.

Given the trend of “miners” cryptocurrency which makes the graphics card a Step, it’s the right move if Intel is competing. This rumor before was just a story until Moore Law is Dead surprisingly leaked images of the full graphics card with specs Intel is making on video YouTubeit below.

The XE HPG DG2 is expected to compete with the NVIDIA RTX 3080. This Gen 12 graphics card is expected to display engineering shading new. This graphics card will also fully support tracing and has various other capabilities such as XeSS (Xe Super Sampling).


Based on images from YouTube Moore Law Is Dead, this VGA is an initial sample only, not a final sample. We can see the possibility of this VGA monster having dual slots with dual fan coolers and a large Intel logo emblazoned on it.

This graphics card will later have several variants of the previous one low until high end. Variant high end named XE HPG DG2 512 EU with 4096 cores, 215-bit interface, up to 16 GB of GDDR6 memory. However, this cannot be officially confirmed, the information leaked is very limited.

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Complete specifications of the VGA Monster that will be released by Intel in the XE HPG DG2 series


Rumors circulating that this graphics card will beat the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 and AMD Radeon 6800 XT. Well of course this will make the competition much more heated, yes. Especially with the rising trend of “miners” now, Intel may be able to provide a little solution to the current shortage of graphics cards.

Intel has not provided an official statement when this VGA Monster will be released. The news circulating will be released in early 2022, but seeing the scarcity of graphics cards on the market does not rule out Intel will release their graphics cards this year.

What is the price for this VGA Monster?

It is estimated that for the middle variant the price is around USD 200 – 300. Meanwhile for the High-end variant, no information has been leaked at all. The price is probably above USD 500.