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The Beginning of Free Fire Memes with Insto?

Recently, there have been a lot of memes about the Free Fire game which are often associated with Insto for trivial reasons.

The reason is because the Free Fire game is said to make the eyes hurt because the graphics are not good and to overcome this, Insto as an eye pain medicine is the answer.

Unclear? The following is the chronology of the emergence of Free Fire and Insto memes.

The Beginning of This Meme

Initially there were no problems with these two things but the problem was the Indonesian netizens themselves.

Netizens here can be said to be haters from the Free Fire game itself, who say that the Free Fire game makes the eyes hurt because the graphics are very low.

Far compared to other battle royale games, especially from the PUBG Mobile game.

From there, netizens who said the Free Fire game made their eyes hurt needed Insto to keep their eyes healthy.

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Insto is an eye drop that is used to relieve red and sore eyes. Therefore, this eye pain medicine is often associated with Free Fire, which is often used as a meme (joking material) for eye pain due to playing the game.

Even though it doesn’t need to be done because everyone has their own right to choose what game to play.

Then regarding the need for Insto because it hurts your eyes when playing games for too long, not only Free Fire but other mobile games can make your eyes sting when you play too long and it takes Insto to keep your eyes healthy.

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