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The 3 Best Players Competing in FFML Season 2

The Best 3 Players Competing in FFML Season 2! The Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season 2 tournament is only a few days away from starting, precisely on August 8, 2022. 18 teams will compete in this tournament for the FFML title.

FFML Season 2 has a total cash of 1.2 billion Rupiah. The teams that compete are the best teams with the best players. But there will be 3 best players who will catch the eye to see their performance in FFML Season 2.

1. EVOS Mr05

Photo via: Top Gaming

The first best player is the player from EVOS Capital, namely EVOS Mr05. This player earned the nickname “Best Rusher” in Free Fire and of course it is not a mere nonsense.

EVOS Mr05 managed to make various achievements with EVOS Capital, but what impressed us the most was that EVOS Mr05 succeeded in bringing EVOS Capital to win the 2022 Free Fire World Cup held in Bangkok, Thailand.

2. RRQ Legaeloth

RRQ Legaeloth
Photo via: Instagram RRQ Legaeloth

This time it was the turn of the player from RRQ Hades who was dubbed the “Strongest Captain on Earth” namely RRQ Legaeloth. He managed to bring RRQ Hades into one of the respected Free Fire teams and always presents unique strategies and has a solid defense.

RRQ Legaeloth made several achievements with RRQ Hades, including 3rd place in the Free Fire World Cup and 1st place in Axiata Game Hero World Champions in Malaysia.

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3. ONIC Jars

Photo via: Instagram ONIC Jars

Finally, there is a player from ONIC Olympus, namely ONIC Jars. This player managed to shine in the Free Fire Indonesia Master (FFIM) 2022 tournament and brought ONIC Olympus to win the tournament.

He has also presented several titles by ONIC Olympus, namely 1st place in SEACA 2022, 3rd place in Axiata Game Hero and 3rd place in Metaco Circuit Cup.

Those are the 3 best players who will compete in FFML Season 2022, which are the spinners’ favourites? Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!