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Still confused? This is the explanation of Khaleed's Mobile Legends Hero Skill!

Still confused? This is the explanation of Khaleed’s Mobile Legends Hero Skill! As we previously knew that some time ago Mobile Legends officially presented a new hero named Khaleed.

This new hero has the appearance of a middle eastern prince and of course gives desert sand effects when fighting.

You can buy this hero itself with 32,000 Battle Points or some diamonds, which before deciding to buy this hero you really must read this article until it runs out.

We will provide an explanation video about all the skills that Khaleed has, which is certainly from a trusted Youtuber Mobile Legends in Indonesia.

Previously, we explained our version without mentioning the name of Khaleed’s own skill, so you can understand it easily.

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Khaleed Mobile Legends, Khaleed Wallpaper
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Khaleed’s Skills

Skill 1

Khaleed attacks using his sword which is rotated in all directions and uniquely the attack can come out in a row three times.

Skill 2

Khaleed’s 2nd skill can make him immune from enemy attacks and can regenerate his blood very quickly

Skill 3

In his ultimate skill Khaleed can issue a sandstorm and can be directed in all directions by hitting the specified direction, uniquely in this skill Khaleed can be immune from the crowd control effect of the opponent.


Khaleed can remove sand from his feet where the sand can change over time making it seem as if he is flying while walking and can stun the opponent then Khaleed can slash the opponent with his sword.

Combo Skills

After knowing Khaleed’s skills above, you must be curious about the combo skill of this hero, the combo skill according to the author is skill 2 first – then appears passive – then skill 1 – and skill 3.

Furthermore, if you are still not clear with the explanation of the skill above? Here, for those of you who want to learn to use this hero, we have a video!

The video is from the famous YouTuber Mobile Legends, VY Gaming, who often uploads any unique videos about Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!