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Starfield, PC and Xbox Only Sci-Fi RPG Exclusive

Starfield is games The first RPG from Bethesda in the last 25 years with a space set. Almost three years project games this was announced, but information about this project is still very mysterious. The only obvious trace is the trailer video that Bethesda released 3 years ago at E3 2022.

But don’t worry, we will soon find out more leaks and information this year. Some rumors say if Starfield will be included in the Xbox Big Summer Showcase next August. A little reminiscing at E3 2022, Todd Howard said that games it takes a little more time in the manufacturing process.

It seems Howard wants to make Starfield’s originality compare games with the same space background. Howard also said that in making games here he talks with Elon Musk and visits SpaceX for reference and inspiration.

Although it’s not clear what this inspiration will take, Howard said that Helium 3, which is a speculative fuel for nuclear fusion, could be the isotope used to fuel the ship Starfield.

Wow, that’s interesting, Howard made games this is not only based on aesthetics but closer to reality. Possible games this will be Sci-Fi like the movies that exist.

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But the shocking news is regarding the status of Starfield. Some rumors say that Starfield can’t be enjoyed on all consoles. Latest rumors games this is exclusive for PC or Xbox only.

Although there has been no official statement from the director, Phil Spencer, who is the boss of Xbox, has given a statement that the purchase of Bethesda is a form of appreciation to fans by presenting games great exclusives for their platform.

The most surprising thing is the statement from Jeff Grubb on twitter.

Jeff Grubb stated that Starfield will be exclusive on Xbox and PC only. As we know, Jeff Grubb often gives leaks about games, speculation and rumors with a good track record. Yes, even so, some fans hope that this leak can still change, especially for the PS5.

Let’s wait for the official statement at E3 next August. Follow IDGameWare to get the latest information about the game games and hardware.