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Star Wars Remake Knights of The Old Republic on PS5

Games with the legendary story Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will be remade by Aspyr Media. Together with Sony Interactive Entertainment they are joining forces with Lucasfilm Games to make this a reality.

Games This classic Star Wars will be rebuilt and of course with increasingly modern technology. Visuals and other features will also be improved. They made sure that the story inside games will be maintained so as not to change the story and characters.

About Knight of The Old Republic (KOTOR)

4000 years before the events of the original Star Wars trilogy, the story of a new hero and a new villain battles an epic intergalactic epic. KOTOR has a variety of characters that can be found. Besides that gamer can find many planets to explore. Whether it’s just to see or do a challenging battle.

Why is DIRTY in the Remake?

Collaboration With Lucasfilm Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment

In trying to remake Knights of the Old Republic, it seems Aspyr Media is showing their seriousness. Aspyr Media collaborated with Lucasfilm Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment to join this project.

Of course, IDGameWare can ensure that this collaboration will produce extraordinary works. Moreover, they took a name that is not arbitrary.

Ryan Treadwell revealed that they are currently still in the early stages of development for the KOTOR remake. That’s why they announced publicly about this project, the goal is for KOTOR fans to be happy and know games their favorite will perform in a different way.

While waiting for KOTOR to launch, let’s try Star Wars Squadron first. Continue to follow IDGameWare to get the latest information about games and hardware.