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Sony Shows New Horizon Forbidden West Footage

All gamer Of course it’s very hype, how can Sony just show it gameplay The new Horizon Forbidden West has never been seen before. The 14-minute recording of gameplay is served directly from the Playstation 5 console.

The Horizon Forbidden West storyline is a continuation of the events of Horizon Zero Dawn 6 months later. Alloy which is Machine Hunter Travel west to investigate a mysterious, deadly disease. In this unspoiled land, he encounters a strange tribe and a far more deadly machine. He braved danger, crossed boundaries, to find the answers he needed to save the earth.

Footage footage The first featured a submerged settlement with the title State of Play. Aloy sends his best friend Erend to the ruins of San Francisco to recover an artifact. Unfortunately he found a rebel faction of the Tenakh tribe. Traversing the ruins and battling many enemies, Aloy struggles to save his friends and quickly resumes his journey.

In the midst of a dangerous foreign land Aloy brings a new tool to help him on his journey. The Pullcaster to speed up the climb, the Shieldwing which allows him to descend safely from a height, the Diving Mask to explore the unspoiled underwater world.

There’s a little upgrade in Focus character. Players are given the ability to see the climbable area and the ability to change more machines during battle or above mounts.

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Horizon Forbidden West seemed to want to see how the gamer later make tactics in dealing with the enemy. A large selection of weapons such as spears for close combat, bows and even grenades that can be fired with slingshots are available in games. Not to mention that each player can increase the strength of each weapon, you can imagine that later each player will have their own favorite weapon.

Interestingly, Aloy doesn’t just deal with humans. Horizon Forbidden West features more deadly machines. Sunwing in The Sky, Clawstriders, Tremortusks, Snapmaw and Burrower in the water will add to the tension in the mission to save the earth.

But these machines are only revealed in trailers 14 minutes. Surely there will be more deadly machines inside games who is ready to beat Aloy. How? Interested in challenging creativity and coming up with tactics to save the earth?

Sony is currently keeping the official release date of Horizon Forbidden West a secret. Again, we can only wait for the official schedule. If it’s my guess, it might be revealed at E3 next August.

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