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Sony releases some funds, Discord will be integrated with PSN in 2022

Sony and Discord have officially announced that they will collaborate to improve the gaming experience of its users on PlayStation. Discord was founded by Jason Citron as Voice Over Internal Protovol (VoIP) and is a platform very famous communication around the gamers.

This platform is very user friendly because it does not interfere with performance pc. There are communication features in the form of text, audio, video and high quality as well as latency low makes platform This is loved by many people. Even now not only gamers who use this application, including Youtubers, Podcasters and Twitch Streamers also use it.

But unfortunately both the two companies are reluctant to provide a statement on the amount of funding provided. If it is estimated it might be more than USD 100 million considering the value of Discord’s own valuation of around USD 3.5 billion. As co-owners, the two companies will work together to develop features on the PlayStation.

The right move for Sony, considering Discord has more than 140 million active users. This collaboration will certainly benefit Sony. It is reported that these features will be present on the Playstation in 2022.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said: The Economic Times This partnership will bring the social experience on Discord to Playstation. Well, of course, this collaboration will be warmly welcomed by Playstation users. Even Jim Ryan said that next year they plan to collaborate in two platform namely console and mobile.

The more interesting it is, is it possible that later games on Playstation will be integrated with the community on this platform. So that the playing experience games will be more massive, real-time and fun. We’ll just have to wait until early next year.

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Before this news was officially reported by Sony and Discord. Last December 2022, Discord reportedly rejected the acquisition plan from Microsoft. Instead of taking funding, Discord prefers to expand its business independently, which is the right move in my opinion.

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