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Some Things You Need To Know Before Buying RTX 3090

Graphics card The RTX 3080 seems to have become a reliable VGA for gaming at 4K resolution. However, the RTX 3080 alone is already overkill if you don’t use a monitor with 4K resolution. Coupled with the price offered starting from 12 million, the RTX 3080 shows a price that matches its capabilities. Well, what about the recently released RTX 3090?

Not wrongly called BF-GPU

With extraordinary weapons, the RTX 3090 is indeed prepared to carry out tougher missions. For memory size only graphics card it has 24 GB as well as a different type from the previous type called GDDR6X. CUDA Cores embedded in it alone more than 9000 cores! To be precise, there are as many as 10496 CUDA cores in the graphics card this.

As the name implies, graphics card this has a very large size dimension even larger than the RTX 3080. If you still want to buy it, you have to use full tower case and also able to support the burden graphics card the.

For gaming at 8K . resolution

Based on what the RTX 3090 shows in use in some of the NVIDIA teasers, it can be assumed that the graphics card This is indeed intended for gaming at 8K resolution. And as promised, the RTX 3090 can run games at 8K resolution.

However, if you only use a smaller screen than that, the performance increase will not be significant. NVIDIA itself has confirmed that the performance increase from RTX 3080 to RTX 3090 for 4K resolution is only about 10 to 15 percent.

For rendering and creative projects

If you streamer, content creator, graphic designer, and the like RTX 3090 will speed up your production. With lots of memory and assisted by processor qualified, process rendering will run faster. If you provide content with 4K resolution, graphics card This will help your work to be more efficient. If you work project in 8K size, it’s obvious graphics card it will be very useful in project We.

According to the price offered

RTX 3090 founder edition from NVIDIA priced at 1,499.00 US Dollars. Or if it is converted to rupiah, it becomes 23 million. Not to mention if you haven’t used a 4K or 8K screen, you have to upgrade the screen first. However, with excellent 8K performance, reliable the price offered is in accordance with the capabilities of the RTX 3090.

Source: ASUS

For those of you who are still using 4K resolution, it is still recommended to use only RTX 3080. For those of you who use resolutions below 4K, you can wait for the RTX 3070 series next month or graphics card offered by AMD to fight this amperage RTX series.