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Slam Dunk Game for Basketball Anime Lovers

slam dunk mobile game

For those of you lovers of sports anime, especially basketball, of course, you will know Slam Dunk. DeNA and Toei Animation released a game based on this popular anime from the 90s at the end of 2022. In this game, you will use characters from teams such as Shohoku, Kainan, Ryonan, Shoyo, etc. Fans of Hanamichi Sakuragi and Takenori Akagi can play this character for free from the start of the game, but for other characters like Mitsui or Rukawa you have to buy it with vouchers or coins that you can collect daily. Currently there are not many characters that are open to the Southeast Asian market, but tough characters like Maki can be played by you, although to play in rank matches you have to buy them with vouchers. You can find some interesting details of this game below.

There are Rank Match and Free Battle Mode

In this game you can play several game modes such as story, free battle mode and ranking. In ranking mode you can join a club and reach the highest rank in each region, for this rank mode you will play 3 vs 3. Ideally the composition in one team is C, F and also G.

Team Play up to 5 vs 5

For team play in this game, you can start with 1 vs 1 to play full court 5 vs 5, so for those of you who have a team of 5 people, you can really have fun playing.

Ultimate Skill Each Character is Charming

There are several types of skills in this game such as shooting, enhancing core abilities, dunk or layup and also abilities for defense such as blocking. For players like Mitsui, Maki, Miyagi and Fujima have the ability to enhance their core abilities. While Akagi, Sakuragi, Sendoh, Rukawa have the ability to dunk and layup. The ability to shoot is owned by players like Jin, Kogure, Hanagata and also shooters like Koshino or players like Kakuta. Blocking is only owned by Uozumi and Hasegawa

That’s a little review from us for those who want to download this game, you can download it on the playstore or app store and who is your favorite character? If the admin always uses Mitsui, the former MVP, comment below for your favorite character.