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RTX 30 Series GPUs Coming Soon: RTX 3070, RTX 3080, And RTX 3090

For those of you who haven’t had time to upgrade VGA to the RTX 20 series, be happy, because NVIDIA has launched its newest product, the RTX 30 series GPU. This latest RTX series will be priced lower than the RTX 20 series, but this time VGA will have some features and quality. times more sophisticated than the previous series. Before we discuss further for more details, you can watch the presentation from Mas Jensen, CEO of NVIDIA, below.

Release date and price

Based on the Nvidia GeForce website, the RTX 30 series GPUs will each be released on different dates with varying prices. The following are the price variations of the RTX 30 series with the basic features it offers:

  • GeForce RTX 3090
    • 10,496 CUDA Cores
    • 24GB GDDR6X VRAM
    • Prices start at $1499
    • Release on September 24, 2022
  • GeForce RTX 3080
    • 8,704 CUDA Cores
    • 10GB GDDR6X VRAM
    • Prices start at $699
    • Release on September 17, 2022
  • GeForce RTX 3070
    • 5.888 CUDA Cores
    • 8GB GDDR6 VRAM
    • Prices start at $499
    • October 2022 release

Unbearable performance improvement

Source: Nvidia GeForce

When compared to the series graphics card Previously, the RTX 30 series offered unmitigated performance. With increased performance, generally the price of the product will increase. But not this time. For the RTX 3070 alone will have the same or even better performance than the RTX 2080 Ti.

Likewise, the RTX 3080 will offer up to 2 times better performance than the RTX 2080. Not to mention the RTX 3090, which can render rendering for 8K resolution. Graphics card this time is a very revolutionary breakthrough in the development of graph computing.

Latest hardware, latest architecture

Unlike the RTX 20 series which uses the Turing architecture in its hardware, the RTX 30 series uses a new architecture called Ampere. Even in this Ampere architecture, there is a new type of Streaming Multiprocessor which is 2 times more than graphics card previous series. Not only that, power usage will be lower and frame rates will increase.

Source: Nvidia GeForce

There’s more, the RTX 30 series is also equipped with the second generation of Ray Tracing Cores. It improves performance from using ray tracing up to two times. So use ray tracing on the RTX 30, it doesn’t affect the frame rate much anymore. The RTX 30 series is also equipped with third generation Tensor Cores. This feature improves the performance of using AI technology in computer graphics and opens the door to other new technologies.

DLSS, AI-assisted graphics

It was previously mentioned that the RTX 3090 can run triple A games at an average of 60 fps. This is possible with the latest Nvidia technology, namely DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). By using a sample that has been run by Nvdia from the center machine learningIn addition, this AI system can improve your gaming performance at high resolutions.

Source: Nvidia GeForce

It’s time to upgrade graphics card!

For those of you who are planning to build a PC this year, wait a little longer and use it graphics card this latest because it is very cuan for the future. For those of you who are still using graphics card GTX below and planning to upgrade graphics card, this RTX 30 series will not be a wrong choice. As for friends who have just bought an RTX 20 series, if you can, just swap them into an RTX 30 series, or regret every time you turn on your PC.