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Red Dead Online Standalone Game from RDR 2

red dead online

Red Dead Online was announced to be a standalone game apart from Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Games announced that Read Dead Online will be a standalone game, which means you don’t need to buy RDR 2 to play this game. In terms of price, this game is only priced at 69 thousand rupiah, much different from RDR 2 which is still in the 600 – 1 million rupiah price range for the ultimate edition. In this game you can play the Bounty Hunter mode, where you can do hunting and missions with your friends. And if you successfully complete this mission you will be given double XP.

In terms of gameplay, the camera options offered will be more, especially when you ride horses, character customization and weapon management. Rockstar Games also claims that there will be no decrease in graphic quality, because the specs for the PC you have to use are also more or less the same as the RDR 2 requirement. For those who want to buy this game on PC, here it is. Are you ready to play Red Dead Online which is a standalone game?