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Recommended Steam Fighting Game Sale IDGameWare

Steam fighting game sale 2020

Since November 12, Steam has been holding a sale for selected fighting games. This sale will end on November 16, for those of you fans of fighting games, here are recommendations for you.

Street Fighter V

Ryu and Ken fans should not miss this street fighter v game, you can redeem this game starting from only 63,999 Rupiah. It’s really too cheap a price for a game of this class.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

You can redeem a game from one of the most famous anime in the world from 94 thousand rupiah. DB Fighter Z takes the 2D 3D concept, which combines characters with 2D graphics but moves like 3D, the game released in 2022 is still very busy to play.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Revolution

Anime fans should not miss this Naruto game. The discounted price from Steam is not playing, you can buy this game for only 108 thousand Rupiah.

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Marvel and Capcom fans can enjoy this legendary game for only 59,999 Rupiah. Who is your favorite character for? Iron Man, Spiderman ? or maybe strider hiryu?

Those are our recommendations for the selected games on the Steam Fighting Game Sale 2022.