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Razer Releases Cheap Gaming Chair with Luxury Quality, Iskur X

Producer gaming gear and this California-based hardware just launch their newest product. Who doesn’t know Razer? A company known for its products that have speed and precision in improving performance e-sports players.

Recently, Razer launched the chair gaming they. Chair gaming This is claimed to be very cheap but still has good quality. This product is called the Razer Iskur X and will be given a very competitive price.

Razer claims that the chair gaming This provides long term comfort and durability. Plus the latest head and waist cushions from the chair series gaming This makes the user’s posture better.

Wow, is Iskur X really going to be able to support the needs? gamer even better?

The Razer Iskur X itself was launched on August 3, 2022. Chair gaming This is priced at Rp. 4,999,000, -. When compared brand another. Of course the chair gaming this is fairly cheap. Moreover, the quality of a Razer that has been recognized by the world, releasing a product like this, of course, they will not be careless.

In addition, the head and waist pads are sold separately. Friends, you can buy a head cushion, the Razer Head Cushion, at a price of Rp. 649,000. As for the waist pad, the Razer Lumbar Cushion is priced at IDR 849,000. How are you interested in buying a chair gaming this?

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The contour of this chair is unique, the edge of the chair also has the right slope. In addition, the slope can also be adjusted according to taste. The materials used from Iskur X are 3. The green layer uses a resin layer, the middle layer uses synthetic leather and the bottom layer uses a mixture of cotton and polyester.

Contour of the chair gaming this is also very good. The cushion inside the seat is made soft but solid. This allows weight player put pressure on the chair so that the chair can support the body shape better.

The armrest can also be adjusted in height and position as desired. Surely this could be possible player keep your hands comfortable while playing games.

Are you sure you want to buy Iskur X? Order directly here.

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