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Ragnarok X Next Generation Enters Pre-Register Stage

Who doesn’t know Ragnarok? I think all gamer especially old gamer must know games Ragnarok. Games it has made a long history and many achievements. As we know there is no games Ragnarok both PC consoles, mobile dll that doesn’t boom.

This time Ragnarok released the latest version mobile games they are called Ragnarok X Next Generation. This isn’t the first time they’ve released games version mobile. In 2022 they had great success in the market mobile when releasing Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

Even Ragnarok M Eternal Love made a scene, especially among the public gamer Indonesia because one of the game items they cost as much as a Fortuner.

Want to try to repeat the same success, Nuverse as publisher has announced the pre-registration period for Ragnarok X Next Generation. Still carrying gameplay which is similar to Ragnarok M, Ragnarok X also has a 3D MMORPG concept.

Ragnarok X Next Generation will be strong in storyline. Midgard is waiting for players who will explore the city of Prontera to the small islands that exist.

Nuverse has announced the first few jobs in Ragnarok X Next Generation, Melee Knight, Ranged Archer and Mage. They try to bring nuance games MMORPG with classic job in this game.

Characteristics of games MMORPG has mounts, two mount that Nuverse has announced are Pink Poring and Alpaca. Different from Ragnarok M Eternal Love, Next Generation seems to want to focus on the experience of its players to be able to create valuable moments.

There are features life skills later in this game, including fishing, mining, gardening, cooking and processing mining products. Wow, interesting huh? You will later have many choices to collect what materials hunt from the monsters or patiently gathering materials and managing the materials themselves.

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Pre-Register Benefits

What will you get if you follow the pre-registration phase? Ragnarok X Net Generation implement system milestones. So the prizes that all players get will depend on how many players register in the pre-registration phase.

The following is a list of prizes that will be obtained according to milestones;

Title New Adventurer – 100,000 registrants

9999 Zeny + 999 Crystals – 300,000 registrants

Old Card Album – 500,000 registrants

New Student Handbook Headgear – 1,000,000 registrants

Campus Festival Backpack – 1,500,000 registrants

Mount Hamester 30 Days – 2,000,000 registrants

Wow, that’s interesting. As of the time this article was written, more than 700,000 people participated in the pre-registration phase. Let’s register immediately. Follow IDGameWare to get the latest information about games and Hardware.