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Pound 2022 in Papua There will be eSports

A new history in Indonesia at the 2022 National Sports Week (PON). Because the Ministry of Youth and Sports has confirmed that they will hold a new sport (sports) in the electronic sports category or also called eSports sports.

Previously, the committee had feared that PON 2022 would be postponed due to the pandemic conditions in Indonesia. However, it has been confirmed that the PON 2022 Papua will still run on October 2, 2022.

There will be 7 games which will be contested in PON 2022. What are the eSports sports that are being contested?

PUBG Mobile

The first game to be contested at PON 2022 is PUBG Mobile. Battle royale games This is indeed a lot of fans in Indonesia. In games PUBG has a choice of Solo and Team modes which contain 4 members.

Both solo and team aim is the same, being the last player standing on the map. Seeing the enthusiasm of course games this will be a lot of interest in PON 2022. Moreover, Indonesian teams in Indonesia games PUBG Mobile has penetrated the world scene a lot.

Free Fire

Just like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is a type of battle royale games. In Indonesia itself, Free Fire is mostly dominated by children to teenagers. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile has more adult fans. By market, Free Fire has more fans. Compared to PUBG Mobile.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

It’s no wonder that Mobile Legends enters the games which is contested. Because the market games it has so many fans. In addition, in Indonesia itself, there are many eSports athletes for games this.

With the number of tournaments and the development of each team in Indonesia, choosing Mobile Legends to compete is the right decision.

Arena of Valor (AOV)

Just like Mobile Legends, AOV is games MOBA. The goal is to destroy tower main opponent to win the match. Each team is divided into five members and has their own tasks.

Second games this is very fun to watch. Because it not only presents the battle, but also shows the strategy that each team has built.

Tekken 7

IDGameWare was surprised because Tekken 7 entered games which is contested. Indeed, there are many Tekken 7 fans in the world. But for Indonesia itself, it is not certain how much enthusiasm from the community.

Even so, Tekken 7 itself drags a lot of admiration for the world community in every race. Incorporating Tekken 7 into the 2022 PON might make the world’s eyes slightly turn to Indonesia.


Games Previously named Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), this will certainly be a success when it is competed. Moreover, it is typical of Indonesian people who mostly like soccer sporting events. Some Indonesian athletes who play eFootball are world champions.

Dota 2

Games last contested was Defense of The Ancient (Dota 2). Games This has long been famous in Indonesia and the world. Even for world-class competitions, the prizes can be billions. Entering Dota 2 as games which is contested will certainly attract a lot of spectators.

Especially for the adults, because games it is dominated by gamer old retired playing games or are currently busy at work. Every local competition held alone is always crowded by spectators. Especially if it is in the class of PON 2022.

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