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PMWL 2022 Finals Day 1 Results! BTR RA 17 Kills and WWCD, But It's Not Cold at the Top!

PMWL 2022 Finals Day 1 Results! Also come the 4 most important days of PUBG Mobile’s biggest tournament so far, PUBG Mobile World League 2022 East (PMWL 2022). 4 days, the best teams from the eastern division will fight completely to become champions in PMWL 2022. And day 1 of 4 days is over and we will recap some of the events in today’s 6 matches and also the performance of the only representative of Indonesia, BTR RA.

PMWL 2022 Finals Day 1 Results!

Very tight for the top 3 teams in this PMWL 2022 Finals Day 1. BTR RA occupies the 2nd position on day 1 of the PMWL 2022 Finals. They played really well in Match 4 and 5. Where they got WWCD in match 3 Erangel, fantastic solo play in match 4 Miramar and also 17 kills and position 2 in Match 5 Sanhok. If BTR RA can play more consistently in the other 3 matches, it might be able to get 1st position in the standings. But there are still 3 days left so fans, don’t be afraid!

Box Gaming continues to show why they are the favorites to win in PMWL 2022. They continue to show their consistency, and also continue their good performance from Super Weekend Week 3 yesterday. With positions 2-3 and 1 WWCD, they can top the temporary standings at PMWL 2022 East.

The best team today is U Level Up. This team from Chinese Taipei, can get 2 WWCD. With very aggressive play and excellent rotation, they show that they can provide very strong competition for BTR RA and Box Gaming.

The Indian team was also less than optimal on day 1. Can’t play well or consistently. MegaStars is probably the most consistent best team for Indian teams. RRQ Athena, haven’t been able to get out of their poor form since Super Weekend Week 3 yesterday. Even though it’s one WWCD today, the other 5 matches still can’t be aggressive and also a scary performance at the start of League Play. Yoodo Gank and Team Secret also haven’t been able to play aggressively, and only 14 kills points were obtained by each of them, far from their best performance!

PMWL 2022 Finals Day 1 standings

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Match Recap:

Match 1: Erangel

BTR RA did not push and played well in match 1 of Erangel because they had to be eliminated in the last position or 16th. When fighting with T1, they might have made a tactical mistake where Zuxxy and Luxxy pushed separately against T1. Supposedly, they could be with the push but because of this decision, they quickly lost these two twins, and after that, Ryzen and Microboy were eliminated by T1.

Box Gaming shows why they truly are BTR RA’s toughest foes and PMWL 2022 East’s favorites by opening the Finals with WWCD. Box Gaming is a good zone prediction and doesn’t need to rotate too far and can stay in the compound in the middle of the zone. They can get a strong position in the compound when the last few teams are left and can eliminate Team IND and also U Level Up to fight the last team, Team Secret. They in this game are too dominating with their rotation and position when there are only 2 teams left, their dominance is also seen with their 16 kills. By having a good compound and playing grenades, you can get the first WWCD for the PMWL 2022 Finals.

Match 2: Vikendi

BTR RA played in this match better than the previous match 1. They had to play 3 players because Microboy had to go home early. When they rotate and enter the safe zone, they have to deal with U Level Up who have survived long enough in a compound. With a possibly unfavorable position for BTR RA, U Level Up managed to eliminate 2 BTR RA players, and Box Gaming became the third team and eliminated Ryzen and BTR RA in position 5. BTR RA but only got 1 kill.

It was U Level Up who managed to get WWCD in match 2. But again, Box Gaming started the PMWL 2022 Finals with a very good performance. Box Gaming played very well and aggressively where they were able to get 2nd position and also 13 kills. But uHigh, who is also the last Team Secret player, can eliminate 2 Box Gaming players before being eliminated by U Level Up in position 4. uHigh with 2 kills Box gaming, gives U Level Up an advantage to be able to get this WWCD. U Level Up can also get a lot of kills, with 9 kills.

Match 3: Erangel

After the first 2 matches that were less than optimal and not very satisfying, BTR RA was able to get their first WWCD at the PMWL 2022 Finals. Those with good rotations and predictions can defend their position. They can also eliminate SynerGE and Team IND at the start. By getting a high position or high ground at the end of the game and also being able to dominate from this position.

But Box Gaming once again showed their consistency where even though they had to rotate far and hard, they could get 2nd place. Louis, who was the last Box Gaming player, was able to stay alive for a long time and also eliminated several other team players such as GXR Celtz, who also played very well. with their 11 kills. But because BTR RA’s position is very strong at a high place and also they can hold and control this position, they can first eliminate MegaStars before Louis from Box Gaming who arguably wants to surprise BTR RA.

In this match, BTR RA was dominant with 12 kills, but Box Gaming with 2 and 7 kills strengthened their position in the standings.

Match 4: Miramar

Augustbe this match is not a BTR RA match, but it is definitely a match for the best PMWL 2022 player, Luxxy! From the middle of the game, he had to be alone where Team IND eliminated 3 BTR RA players. Normally, a lone player would try to swear and do nothing until the last zone or team, but that wasn’t suitable for a Luxxy. He still plays aggressively and tries to get as many kills as possible. With his very barbaric gameplay alone, can get 2 KOG players and also almost spend OR by eliminating 3 of his own players! OR played really well in this game, but Luxxy was able to stop them.

Luxxy can survive until the last 4 teams with his game. And he waited for RRQ Athena and TSM Entity to fight where RRQ Athena won and after that try it by himself against 4 players full squad RRQ Athena. Unfortunately 4 vs 1 is too heavy, but Luxxy’s performance is amazing! Of course Luxxy has an MVP for this match with 5 kills out of 6 BTR RA kills.

After also 2 very poor matches by RRQ Athena standards, they can get their first WWCD in this PMWL 2022 Finals. By showing their aggressive game and also good rotation always looking for a high position they can issue 2612 damage and 13 kills in this match 4. And the most feared team and played really well today, Box Gaming had to land on earth again and was sent home in 16th place by T1.

Match 5: Sanhok

Our world champion, BTR RA, has shown consistency. Again they played very smart and very well in this match. It also benefits from its zone and does not need to rotate far. But they have to keep playing well where they have to hold off a lot of teams who want their comfortable position on the high ground. They had to lose Luxxy and Ryzen first. However, Ryzen in this game, issued almost 1500 damage and 7 kills, MVP statistics in this Sanhok.

With their clever play at a higher place, they can eliminate Yoodo Gank and after that Valdus is also defeated by them. When the last 5 teams remain, they can gain a strong position in a compound and eliminate the SynerGE team as well as the TSM Entity. TSM Entity also played aggressively and rotated very well in this match where they got 10 kills.

But it was REJECT Scarlet who brought home WWCD in match 5. They can get a position on the hill and have a slightly better position than the BTR RA. With a good grenade throw from a higher position, RCS can eliminate BTR RA for WWCD. However, BTR RA got 17 kills in Sanhok and also exceeded the total points earned by RCS even though they got this WWCD.

Box Gaming could only get 6th position without kills and RRQ Athena couldn’t continue their WWCD and couldn’t get into the top 10 and also no kills.

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Match 6: Erangel

BTR RA started the last match in Erangel well. They rotate and play aggressively trying to get as many kills as possible. But they had to fall in 14th place by T1. T1 who was already under pressure from BTR RA, with his smoke game, was able to eliminate 3 BTR RA players. BTR RA in position 14 also got 3 kills.

U Level Up with an excellent performance to be able to get their second WWCD in PMWL 2022 Finals Day 1 this! U Level Up with zone prediction and good rotation which can get a higher position is the key to their aggressive game. The big moment for U Level Up in match 6 was against RRQ Athena. With a smoke game and good moves, you can eliminate RRQ Athena. In this match, with their 16 kills, U Level Up cannot be ignored by the PMWL 2022 East team, especially BTR RA. Box Gaming, despite being eliminated in 3rd place by MegaStars, gave them a slight lead in BTR RA in the standings.

Here are the results of PMWL 2022 Finals Day 1!

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