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PMPL ID Season 2 Group Division, MORPH Team Enters Hell Group!

PMPL ID Season 2 Group Division, MORPH Team Enters Hell Group! PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) – Fall Split 2022: Indonesia Regular Season has announced their group division, which is divided into 3 groups.

Each group will consist of 8 teams in groups A, B and C, so that a total of 24 teams will compete and the following is the division of PMPL ID Season 2 groups.

PMPL ID Season 2 Group

PMPL ID Season 2 Group
Photo via: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

Group A

  1. ONIC Esports
  2. The Pillars SLAYERS
  3. BOOM Esports
  4. Dranix Avengers
  5. Geek Fam ID
  6. 2K coins
  7. Louvre Kings
  8. Red Rocket Cosmic

Group B

  1. Six Nine Esports
  2. ION Esports
  3. Siren Esports
  4. NARA Esports
  5. Victim Sovers
  6. MORPH Team
  7. BONAFIDE King
  8. EVOS Esports

Group C

  1. Bigetron RA
  2. Island of Gods
  3. NFT Esports
  4. Alter Ego Esports
  5. Aura Esports
  6. RRQ Ryu
  7. Aerowolf Limax
  8. 21 Esports

Group B can be said to be “hell”, where there is a PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East 2022 participant, MORPH Team, who will be in 1 group with ION Esports who is the winner of PINC 2022.

Not only that, the MORPH Team will also be together with EVOS Esports which is the champion of PINC 2022, plus Siren Esports and also NARA Esports who performed very well at PINC 2022.

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Prizepool PMPL ID Season 2
Photo via: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

PMPL ID Season 2 will start on August 14 to September 27, 2022. This tournament has a very large prizepool of 150 thousand USD.

Previously Bigetron RA won the PMPL ID Season 1, so they have a mission to defend their title as the best PUBG Mobile team in Indonesia.

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