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PMPL ID 2022 Season 2 Week 1 Day 1 results!! GEEK Fam Rampage 33 Kills!!

From 1 pm, PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2022 Indonesia Season 2 has started. For approximately 8 hours, we are given a very interesting match spectacle.

The first day of PMPL Season 2 closed with ION Esports and Boom Esports who got 2 WWCDs, until the very beautiful MORPH Team Comeback.

Here are the results from tonight’s match:

Round 1 – Erangel: ION Esports

Round 2 – Vikendi: BOOM Esports

Round 3 – Sanhok: MORPH Team

Round 4 – Miramar: ION Esports

Round 5 – Erangel: BOOM Esports

Round 6 – Miramar: Red Rocket

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What’s going on in Week 1 Day 1

PMPL 2022 ID Season 2 closed with ION Esports at the top with a total of 75 points, and BOOM Esports in position 2 with a difference of 2 points, which is 73 points.

The Morph Team which had a comeback in the third round was in 7th position. Morph collected a lot of kills in the third round, so he wasn’t in the bottom position.

Unfortunately, Morph doesn’t have a lot of placement points, so he is in 7th position.

Red Rocket also made a comeback in their game on the first day. With 67 points generated, Red Rocket managed to occupy the third position today.

No less exciting, Geek Fam managed to occupy the 4th position with 62 points, with the most team kills at most. Geek Fam managed to collect a total of 33 kills.

Geek Fam rampaged in round 6 by collecting 15 kills, with 2 players remaining in the last ring.

Tomorrow will start the match Week 1 Day 2, with Group B and Group C will compete to add points.

ION Esports will compete again tomorrow to maintain the number 1 position now. Did it work or not?

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