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PMCO Fall Split 2022 Hacked, Players Call for Tournament Boycott!

PMCO Fall Split 2022 Hacked, Players Call for Tournament Boycott! PMCO Fall Split 2022 started yesterday for India and Pakistan. A total of 32 teams battled each other for a place in the semifinals. The teams are divided into four groups (eight teams per group).

Of these, eight teams were invited from PMCO Spring 2022 and 24 teams qualified. However, PMCO Fall Split 2022 has been hacked by irresponsible parties.

Player from TSM Entity, namely Ghatak uploaded on his personal Instagram Story and asked the PMCO organizers to investigate the matter immediately. Ghatak also asked his followers to raise this issue on social media by sharing stories and tagging the official PUBG Mobile esports account.

PMCO Fall Split 2020 Hackers

Reports indicate that one of the teams changed its name to ‘Hater Esports’ and continued to play the group stage. A video Kull uploaded to Instagram also allegedly showed Fintox Esports was involved in hacking.

PMCO Fall Split Pakistan Group Stage Day 2 has also been postponed due to suspicious behavior from some players. The official live streaming of PMCO Pakistan was stopped midway and the caster announced a break after the live streaming stopped.

PMCO Fall Split 2022 Pakistan organizers said they had a meeting with captains for PMCO Pakistan following the alleged hacking.

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Several teams decided to take a stand against the hacking and boycott PMCO Fall Split 2022 in Pakistan. Team Bablu’s player, TeenWolf, also commented on the situation and is considering boycotting the tournament.

Hopefully, in Indonesia, which will hold PMPL ID Season 2 today, it won’t be the same problem, spinners! Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest news about eSports and follow Facebook our!