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Play Games While Eating Fried Chicken With KFC Console

kfc console

One of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the world, KFC has spread its wings into the gaming world with the release of the KFC Console. Reporting from their twitter account KFC Gaming, they will soon launch a console that is more or less like PC Gaming but is equipped with a chicken warmer feature.

For this gaming console, KFC doesn’t seem to be playing around in providing specifications. Working closely with Cooler Master as a partner to design the cooling system and casing. In terms of hardware, KFC Gaming is equipped with god-level specifications such as Intel NUC 9 Extreme, NVME SSD from Seagate, GPU from Asus whose series is not yet known.

They claim that this gaming hardware can play games up to 240 fps at 240 Hz Output. In addition, this console has a chicken warmer feature so you can still eat chicken while playing games, so are you ready while playing the KFC chicken eating game? And would you prefer to buy this console instead of the X-Box Series X or PS5?