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PES RIP, Konami Rename to eFootball

A few weeks ago, the public was excited about the release date of FIFA 22. But this time, fans games football is again shocked by the latest information on the renaming of PES to eFootball by Konami.

Not just a name change, games this will also be free-to-play who will switch to a digital system. Besides games free, eFootball will continue to grow and develop through the content update system. Konami officially notified via trailers what they upload on Youtube.

eFootball will be played with unreal engine and supported by a micro-transaction system. According to Konami this change shows their determination to create a revolutionary football platform.

Konami wanted to create a soccer game with very good animations and also make it easier for players to change commands inside games. According to Konami what they do in eFootball is much higher than PES.

The producer Seitaro Kimura said that games this is a platform and there will be no more annual premium releases. Free updates every year will be available and live in access by the players. Surely this will make a new step in the world games.

eFootball Roadmap

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The game will be coming to many consoles this year. They will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, X|S, PC, iOS and Android consoles. This competition will certainly be very tight for the eternal rival in Indonesia games football is FIFA from EA Sports.

In early spring games it may already have a number of local clubs in the English, German, Spanish leagues and many more. Later after spring Konami will update for features Online Leagues and Team Building Mode.

Only later in the winter all platforms such as Steam, Xbox, Android, IOS and Playstation are available. Interesting tournament on line there will be much different from games other football. later gamers will meet cross-platform eFootball players.

Different from games others that only bring together one platform. Tournament on line allow gamers can face opponents from different consoles. Of course whoever wins the league will become the player games the best football in the world.