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PBESI Releases Rules For Esports Games

Currently, Esports Indonesia is becoming hot news in the social media world. No.. it’s not because of any one games The original from Indonesia was finally able to penetrate the global market. But because PBESI (Indonesian Esports Executive Board) issued a new regulation which is quite controversial.

And interestingly this news began to rise because many netizens took issue chairman from PBESI itself which does not have background related. Many people especially lovers games homeland, the issuance of this rule does not make esports growing but slowing down.

CHAPTER 18 Becomes the Most Controversial Battle

Of the many regulations that PBESI issued. Lover games The homeland highlights the regulations in Chapter 18. This is because PBESI has the authority to block games which they do not consider to be in the category esports.

In the KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary) itself, there is no literal explanation of esports. However, if you refer to Wikipedia, esports itself is all sports in the form of competition using video games.

What makes lovers games upset is that PBESI will nurture, regulate and supervise every games applicable in Indonesia. Only games registered with PBESI that can operate in Indonesia.

This is clearly a lot of harm to many parties. Because as we know that the development of the world games very fast. We ourselves are not sure that PBESI can monitor everything games existing and games who will just enter Indonesia.

This rule can be considered to be difficult for the developer to market their products. Because there are some basic rules that they have to fulfill first. In addition, PBESI also requires game developer to register with PBESI if they wish to operate in Indonesia.

Well this is what might make lovers games angry homeland. Because we ourselves don’t know how strong PBESI’s capacity is to manage registration every time games who just entered.

Lover games In fact, the homeland thinks that this is an opening for new bribery elements to emerge and may make people game developer in the world are reluctant to market their products. Because the rules are actually difficult.

Games Those who don’t recognize PBESI as esports can they delete it

Point 9 of Article 39 Chapter 18 explains that PBESI has the authority with law enforcement to remove games which is not recognized by PBESI. Many people question the criteria games recognized esports yourself like what?

Though in general esports every competition that uses video games is esports. Meanwhile, if we look at the field, all games currently have their respective competitions.

However, this rule does have a legal basis. Because according to Law Number 3 of 2005 concerning the National Sports System, it is stated that all systematic activities are to encourage, foster and develop physical, spiritual and social potential.

If you see this of course esports itself fulfills all the elements mentioned. So what do you think? Does this rule make esports Indonesia rise or vice versa?

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